Kepler Station
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Posted on Monday November 6, 2017 @ 10:46pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Lara MD & Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe McMahon Dr

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Arboretum, Outdoor Track
Timeline: MD 1 0600 HRS

Breathe... Coming to a gradual stop alongside the kit bags which lay beside the entrance to the outdoor track, Chloe McMahon gratefully sat on the ground and took a moment to unwind as she stretched out the muscles which were threatening to lodge an official protest. It was a daily torture, one which her fitness monitor dutifully tracked to the most minute detail and yet it had become something of a tradition these last few weeks.

Coming aboard a few weeks previously, the scientist had been thrilled to discover the station included a running track (located in the arboretum no less!) and had ensured she set aside time every morning to drag herself out of bed to start her day doing something other than pouring over research journals or reports. After all, the health and psychological benefits of running were well documented and it certainly allowed you the time to just be. Especially when a certain Vulcan first officer was setting the pace.

"Personal Best," Chloe commented as her fitness monitor cycled through the various displays, absently reaching into her bag for a water bottle. "Though I think I'm still holding you back. You're barely even breaking a sweat."

"A result of our respective physiologies," T'Lara reminded the science officer. After a few years of running as a solitary activity, she was pleased to find company for her morning ritual. She didn't bring any monitors to track her progress, but understood why the data was useful as one worked toward constant improvement. "Congratulations on setting a new personal record."

T'Lara took a seat on the ground beside the Lieutenant. "How are you settling in?"

Taking a long drink of water, Chloe grinned, "I'm considering an official petition to veto the colour grey in any future Starfleet designs as well as the possibility of just pitching a tent in the arboretum. In the meantime, I did some shopping, finished creating my own miniature cactus garden and finished unpacking. I am - officially - settled. And the team is doing great. A few untapped potentials but most of them seem to have an ego to match their IQ."

T'Lara tugged at her monochromatic tank-top. "What's wrong with the colour grey?"

"Grey reminds me of cloudy, miserable days. I much prefer blue," Chloe confided with a grin. "But yeah, all in all, it's going better than I planned. How are things with you?"

"The crew overhaul is proceeding relatively smoothly," T'Lara stated, use of the word 'relatively' indicating as much disappointment as she could muster. "The majority of our senior security and tactical staff rotated into combat zones. I also consider the probability that several of them will not survive. In this sense, I understand your disdain for cloudy, miserable days."

"It's a probability," Chloe conceded, "but not a certainty. What is a certainty is that anyone could be reassigned anywhere. And anything could happen to anyone, anytime. Even in relatively 'safe' postings. The best we can do hear is make sure those who aren't so fortunate are well cared for, and the fact this crew does that so well is in large part down to you. Not many stations have the benefit of surgeon serving as XO. You have unique perspective and from what I've heard, you use it well."

"Thank you?" T'Lara offered with a questioning look. "I confess that flattery, as a concept, remains difficult to accept."

Chloe grinned, "yeah, well, I'm sure you will adapt to it just fine."

Reaching down, the Commander gently helped Chloe to her feet. "As a science researcher, you might find your resources to be limited on Kepler. I have not lost sight of Starfleet's true purpose, and will do what I can to support your work. This conflict will not last forever, after all."

"I appreciate that," the lieutenant replied. "Although we have more to work with than I initially expected. My own particular fields of study focus on the biomedical sciences and so I'm confident my own research and experience are going to be catered for; however, there are many fields to cater to and I hope to have everyone skilled in as much as they possibly can. After all, some of the greatest scientific breakthroughs came about when there was unlikely collaborations. Perhaps we will see something equally special happen right here on the station. If not, I'll be satisfied with none of my staff dying from boredom."

"I suspect that we can keep things interesting," T'Lara replied. "When you are next on duty, I'd like to present some research I've been compiling on the cellular damage caused by Cardassian phase disrupters to human, Andorian, and Vulcan physiology. I'm hoping that we can develop more effective field medical treatment."

"But before that, I believe the proper method for regaining burnt calories and healthy muscles post-run is to have breakfast," the Commander offered.

"Some research I can definitely get on board with," the Lieutenant grinned, "I'm starving!"


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