Kepler Station
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First Impressions

Posted on Tuesday October 17, 2017 @ 4:44pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Damian Mallaester & Ensign Orlando Richards

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Malllaester and Richards Quarters
Timeline: MD -5 1930

Having acquainted himself with the station and some of it's denizens, Damian decided to end the day by finishing his unpacking and making his quarters a bit more home. Since they were shared quarters, and he had yet to meet his current roommate, there wasn't much he would place in the shared common area without first making sure it was okay. His parents had raised him to polite, if anything. Just as he finished hanging a mezuzah on the outside wall of his bedroom door, he heard the telltale hiss of the front living room door sliding open. That must be him!

"Hello?" the Lieutenant called out tentatively as he made his way down the short hall towards the front room.

Still tired and worn from the transporter ride out to Kepler station from the last outpost he had been assigned to, Orlando was a bit eager to dump his gear, take a shower and get something decent to eat. As he stepped through the doorway to the shared quarters he had been assigned, Orlando hoped his new roommate was a better match than his last one had been. For some reason he had upset the quartermaster and had been bunked with the most over hormone driven Klingon female he had ever come across in his whole Starfleet career. Her appetite and lung capacity left little ability for Orlando to get very few nights of full sleep. A male voice called out as he barely stepped over the threshold. A male at least. That was a good start. 

 "Hey!" Orlando called grinning widely. On his back he carried a full backpack that resembled a seabag carried by sailors boarding for duty, eager to become hazy grey and underway. Tucked under one arm he carried his most prized possession a long surfboard concealed in a solid case with intricate tropical scenery, totems and hula dancers. Setting the board against the closest bulkhead, Orlando then let the backpack slide from his shoulders as he he held out one hand. Long blond wavy curls were neatly tucked behind his head in a man bun and the sides of his head were shaved in a style he had found from ancient Vikings. Looking even more Norse like he had been born in ancient Denmark, his facial hair  consisting of a neatly trimmed beard and moustache matched the colour of his hair. Tall and muscular with sun kissed skin, the Ensign looked like he had just climbed off the surf board he had just set down. "Orlando Richards. Nice to meet you. So I guess we are roommates then?"

"Damian Mallaester," the other man replied, shaking Orlando's hand, "and yes it would appear so." Damian was brown of skin, dark of hair, his voice lightly accented from his South American heritage. He was not quite as tall, nor muscular, as Orlando, but his arms were visibly toned through the fitted tunic he was currently wearing. He eyed the intricate wooden case for a moment wondering what was inside before releasing his grip on Orlando. "I hope you don't mind I already chose a bedroom, they're both identical so it really just came down to a bit of eenie meenie minie mo," he laughed.

Orlando laughed lightly as he held the other man's firm grip and checked him quickly from head to toe. Damian was a good looking guy with perfect skin tone that took Orlando hours basking in the sun to achieve. As he listened to the man's accent, he admired his ease of speech with a hint of mischief. Instantly taking a like to his new roommate. Orlando flashed a grin and shook his head lightly, "that's cool. As long as I got a place to lay my head and the walls are sound proof. So you doing a little decorating then? Guess you just got here too?"

"A little bit," Damien admitted, "but nothing too drastic, and yes I just arrived yesterday. I've already met the XO and have been trying to familiarize myself with the station. It's a lot bigger than my previous postings! What about you?" he asked, his voice tinged with curiosity.

"Yep just got off the transporter about half an hour ago. What is that you are hanging up? I am not much for decorating so whatever you want is cool with me and can't be as bad as the mess my last roommate made," Orlando said as he looked around the commons room. It was still pretty bare and he could only imagine what Damien had in mind to place on the bulkheads. "I just came from an outpost, but yeah this one is much bigger. And definitely more comfortable than a starship. Someday though, I am going to be the Chief of Security and have my own quarters all to myself. No offence."

Taking a seat in one of the chairs in the centre of the room, Orlando laid his bag down next to him and stretched out his long legs. He tilted his head sideways at Damien wondering if this was the guy he had overheard in the hallways making comments on how attractive the XO was, but he could not say for certain. "Any idea what there is to do on this place for some excitement? Or at least where all the women like to hang out?" 

"That's a mezuzah," Damian indicated the small casing he had hung next to his bedroom door, "it's a Jewish prayer scroll." He watched as Orlando took a seat, idly wondering how often the other man must work out. He kept himself to a strict exercise regimen, but the Ensign clearly was more toned and muscular than he was. He imagined a Security Officer would need to be more fit than a nurse.

Religion was something Orlando only knew about from his studies and not personal experience. Both his parents were former Starfleet officers focused more on science than religion.  Diplomacy, and surprisingly not weapons, was the subject most focused on with security officers training. Not that weapons was not important as well as hand to hand combat, but Starfleet was more about peace than military. Though given their current situation being on the front of a war zone, Orlando was expecting to use more of his knowledge on weapons than religion this tour of duty. Turning his head towards Damian, he responded, "I am not a religious man myself, but I certainly respect and admire that people can have such strong convictions and faith. If there is anything I need to be aware of to respect your prayer time or anything, please let me know."

"Hmm, I read that there's a sports stadium and nature preserve on the station. I haven't been there yet myself, but I definitely want to check them both out. As to the women," he gave a short laugh, "I imagine there's plenty of them aboard that you'll run into a few before long."

"Sports stadium?" Orlando said as he moved to the edge of his seat and turned his upper torso towards Damian. "Now you're talking. I love surfing, but any sports I am up for anytime. What about you? Do you play any sports?" 

"Actually yes," Damian's face lit up. "I love to play baseball, I played all four years while at Starfleet Academy. I mentioned to Commander T'Lara that I want to put together a league here on Kepler if there's enough interest. Given how many people are here, I hope that happens."

"I have never played, but where do I sign up?" Orlando said as he noticed how enthusiastic Damian appeared about the sport. A low grumble came from his stomach as he realised he had not eaten in several hours. "You will have to teach me though. I don't even know the rules. Want to go grab something to eat and explain it to me? We might run into some other officers who might be interested."

"Great idea!" Damian hadn't realized how hungry he was until the mention of food from Orlando. He was excited to have garnered interest in his baseball idea; something the Ensign may come to regret after Damian talked his ear off about it. "So, there's nine position players to a team..."

"Nine?" Orlando asked as he followed Damian out the door. So far his impression of his new roommate was a positive one. He was looking forward to getting to know him better and what could be the start of a great friendship. Orlando felt a little less lonely and little more at home on the Kepler Station. 


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