Kepler Station
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Lost in the Shuffle

Posted on Monday October 2, 2017 @ 3:22am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Ethryvi sh'Zirret

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Colony prior to Keplar station
Timeline: Current

Heavy thuds of booted feet sounded the hallways, the dust that stirred through the air as they quickly moved down the corridor could be seen as particles of individual pieces that someone could reach out and touch if someone wanted to, it left a haze behind. A haze which eventually settled back from where it started, the floorboards of the housing quarters where Ethryvi or Yvi as she was referred to by most humanoids, slept.

Yvi was deep asleep her blueish antennae seemed to move of their own accord while she slept. In her sleep state of a dream, she was a young child once again. One that played with a friend, Linarrar. The two of them practiced training exercises from her childhood. She laughed as did Lin, the two of them went head to head or rather hand to hand most days during their free time. Lin feigned left and then snuck in a blow to Yvi's midsection and Yvi felt herself fall backward and then she thudded onto the non-to soft mat in the training room. The air knocked out of Yvi with a soft sound as she hit the floor with a loud thud.

Another thud as someone hammered on a door not too far away. The sound finally broke through the haze of a dream. The blue woman lifted antennae and listened she heard another thud, this one a bit further away. At first, Yvi wanted to ignore it and rolled over in her bed to do exactly that, as her antennae relaxed another thud was heard and this time both her antennae moved about as concern filled her as someone hammered on the door almost across the hall from her.

Yvi say up and as her bare feet hit the too warm floor her hand searched for the clothing she had tossed nearby late last night when she finally had gone to bed. She heard another thud this one closer and what she thought was a small sound of surprise. As she hurried and clothed herself she heard a loud thud on her door as something or someone crashed into it.

Her antennae quivered on their own accord, it was not a usual movement for them and it signified that she was afraid. Yvi was seldom afraid. The andorian did not fear much nor did she need too. She was stronger than most of the other scientists on the colony where she worked. She slipped on her foot wear and treaded across the floor. The grit on the floor echoes with loudness to her. It was amplified by her nervousness she realized. Yvi opened the door and was met with the haze that was there. It meant that people had recently moved through the corridor. She looked left and right and spied nothing that would signify a problem. Her antennae stopped their quivering movements and turned left as if they listened that direction. Yvi physically turned that direction and headed down the corridor she stopped at the next door and looked at it. It seemed untouched as she knocked on it. Her knuckles were quiet on the wood, the native wood here emitted an aroma that kept the insects away. It however kept sloughing dust particles when used as it was, doors, floors and any humanoid made items needed for the colony.

No one replied to her knock but Yvi tried once more this time a bit louder, moments later still no reply sounded from within and she moved on to the next door and the next. No responses at each location. Yvi tread down the stairs towards the communal living space where most who were housed in this set of housing met for meals and for free time. While Yvi did eat with the others she did not partake much of the other frivolous activities. Though she did enjoy the vulcan game of kal-toh. T’lvoc was a worthy opponent. He was the one who had taught Yvi that it was useful to keep one’s mind sharp. Yvi chided herself for thinking about the frivolous pastime when things seemed to be not quite their usual she looked around the spacious space when she heard an explosion type sound outside the walls and another thud as the floor shook beneath her.

Yvi steadied herself against with the door to the outside as she grasped it and flung it open, another explosion was heard along with the thickened haze of smoke and what appeared to be a dim light off in the distance.

Someone yelled at her as they ran past.

“Hurry Yvi, we have been attacked.”

to be continued

Lieutenant j.g. Ethryvi sh'Zirret
Deputy Chief Science Officer
Keplar Station


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