Kepler Station
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The New Master Chief

Posted on Thursday October 5, 2017 @ 6:49pm by Command Master Chief Benjamin Fisher & Captain Kaui Flowers

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Captain's Office

Master Chief Fisher carried his large duffle in his left hand as he made his way from the docking port he had come in on to the Captain's Office. He could have passed the bag off to the Crewman at the docking port as the security watchstander had suggested but that wasn't his style. It was not the job of his subordinates to fetch his bags or his coffee he was there to ensure that the crew of this station were properly trained, ready for duty, ready for battle, and prepared to advance in their careers. When he arrived at the Captain's office he dropped his bag on the floor to the right of the hatch to the Captain's Office and pressed the chime. He pulled the tunic on his uniform to ensure that it was straight and proper and when allowed in he moved inside.

Fisher carried himself with pride and authority as he made his way to the front of the Captain's desk and came to a textbook attention, "Commander Master Chief Benjamin Fisher reporting, ma'am."

"Welcome aboard, Command Master Chief," Captain Flowers greeted. She finished with her display terminal, turning it off, and then stood up to reach out a hand to shake. Through the years, the human greeting had become habit for her. "Come, take a seat."

Fisher shook her hand and then took the chair as offered.

Flowers returned to her seat, "I hope you're ready to get right to work?"

"I am, and please call me Ben, ma'am," he said. He believed that the relationship between the CO and their Senior Enlisted Advisor was the most important relationship in a command. He was going to be sure to do his best to uphold that in this command as he had in all of his previous commands. "I had been reading what I could while en route but I have to be honest I don't feel like the reports can get me up to speed like meeting face to face with the command who has been here."

"That makes sense. Do you have any specifics you want to discuss, Ben?"

"Are there any immediate concerns in the enlisted staff that I should be aware of? Or any generalized training and readiness concerns?" Ben asked, relaxing a bit in the seat.

Kaui leaned forward in her seat, her hands folded on her desk, "In wartime, I'm always concerned about readiness. We've started to organize a training scenario with the USS Maine. Any help you can provide would be appreciated."

"I would imagine you would be concerned about readiness ma'am but that isn't what I meant. Are there any specific crew members or departments that you feel are lacking in readiness that I should be aware of?"

"There has been quite a number of position re-assignments over the last few months, and a station-wide training session. So I can't accurately answer that right now. After our testing at the end of the week, I'll be glad to review those results with you and make a decision at that time," Kaui said.

"Roger that ma'am," he said, nodding slightly. You could see as he sat that plans were being formulated in his head. "I'll meet with the Chief's mess in the meantime and see if I can't get a pulse on the crew," he told her. "If there is anything that comes up concerning prior to the meeting I'll bring it to your attention."

Kaui stood again, "I will keep that in mind. I look forward to working with you, Ben." She made sure to use his name again in order to scribe it to memory.

The Master Chief stood as well, "and I with you Captain," he said, not having been invited to use her name. "I'll check in with you later this evening, for now, I'm going to go stow my gear and see if I can't meet some of the chiefs."

"That sounds good." She shook his hand in dismissal.


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