Kepler Station

Houseplant Appreciation Day

Posted on Sunday January 14, 2018 @ 2:04pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Lara MD & Captain Kaui Flowers & Captain Harold Young MD & Lieutenant Zachariah Cobb Lieutenant & Lieutenant Sabien Krios M.D & Lieutenant Junior Grade Dove Baca Md & Lieutenant Junior Grade Damian Mallaester & Lieutenant Junior Grade Beckah Healaighthe & Petty Officer First Class Alexander Peeters & Command Master Chief Benjamin Fisher

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Arboretum, Picnic Area
Timeline: MD 2, 1800 HRS

As the Captain and Executive Officer both shared a certain affinity for horticulture, the discovery of an obscure Earth day dedicated to the care of potted plants made a good occasion for a social gathering. The picnic area of the arboretum was laid out with a bevy of drinks, traditional picnic foods, and healthy yet delicious hors-d'oeuvres. Tables at the edge of the grass held pots of beautiful, easy to care for plants that crewmembers were invited to take home. Lawn games were placed around the field - horseshoes, darts, bocce, cornhole.

Commander T'Lara had arrived appropriately early to ensure that the event set off smoothly. Now that the arboretum was bustling with early arrivals, she caught up with Lieutenant Krios as he perused the snacks table. With one hand on his shoulder, she guided his eye line to the small tanks with food for his species.

"The Captain requested that the chefs prepare something appropriately delicious for each culture present on our station," she explained, "I hope it will meet your approval."

"How delightful!" Sabien exclaimed as he saw the small tanks filled with salps in a brine of Macroplankton. "Most people would consider it carnivorous but the consumption of plankton is quite important in the trophic pyramid." he continued. "It is a misconception that I only eat seaweed and algae." he said with a chuckle.

"You are looking beautiful as always, Commander." he commented even though he knew that the Commander knew he had no....... tastes in humanoid beauty. Even though Vulcans were not one for empty platitudes, he felt T'Lara needed sort of appreciation.

T'Lara offered an appreciative smile - a custom she'd managed to learn after three decades in Starfleet. "Thank you, Doctor." She rarely received such complements these days, since becoming the Executive Officer. She shook her head and her dangling earings jangled. "Hope this is a good opportunity for you to meet some of the other new crew."

Sabien nodded in the affirmative. "They appear to be a sprightly bunch." he noted "I hope they remain that at the end of the war as well."

Lieutenant Mallaester strolled around the picnic area, eyes moving over the tables laden with various foods and plant life. He was glad for this social activity, particularly after that morning's meeting with the new CMO, as a means to keep up station morale and help facilitate introducing members of the crew to one another when they would not normally encounter one another in their normal day to day routine. He stopped at a table of potted succulents and examined them a little more closely - perhaps he could take one for his desk in the medbay.

With her arms wrapped around a stout terracotta pot, Beckah Healaighthe arrived with her Temtibi jasmine. It was a viney mass with sprays of fragrant ivory flowers that spilled over the edge of their container. Their owner had hastily swapped out her uniform for a pale pink dress and the customary ja'risia. Bobbling her plant from one arm to the other, she waved at T'Lara with a broad grin before finally setting the pot down on a table.

"I don't know whether there are assigned 'seats,' but I don't think the cacti will get too prickly about a new friend," she remarked to a man who was inspecting the collection.

Damian looked up from the assorted flora to see a strikingly attractive female holding a pot of viney white flowers. He grinned at her pun and took note of the shiny gem she wore on her forehead, indicating her Risian heritage. "I know people of a more prickly disposition than these," he gestured towards the cacti with a chuckle, recalling his meeting earlier with the new CMO. "Luckily for you, I'm not one of them."

"That's a relief," she remarked. "Beckah Healaighthe." She stuck out her hand and was careful to slowly pronounce her surname. Even Risians had a hard time with it. "You must be one of the newcomers."

"Indeed I am," he took her hand and gave it a shake. "Damian Mallaeser, I'm head nurse for division 16. I take it you've been here a bit then? On that station that is."

"I have," she confirmed with a nod. "For almost a year now, although hidden away for most of it. Communications officer."

"Hidden away?" Damian feigned concern, "Like in a storage closet or something?"

Laughing, Beckah said, "I guess it might seem that way, but it's good to have a secluded place to intercept, decode, and interpret transmissions." Another table featuring assorted foods caught her attention. "Ooh, Bularian canap├ęs! Have you tried them?"

Before Damian had the chance to answer, Beckah had flitted over to the buffet and started to load up a small plate.

The Command Master Chief was fashionably late though honestly not to terribly interested in being there in the first place. He looked around the room nodding to those he had met saying hello to those who addressed him and generally doing his best to be polite. He opted to wear civilian clothing to the event slacks and a simple collared shirt. He felt weird being too casual in public aboard the station due to his position he felt he should be discernable in a uniform and look serious even when off duty and around. After some searching he made his way to the Captain and approached her, "Good evening Captain," he said.

"Ben," Flowers answered with a smile. "I'm glad you could make it. There's no need to address me as Captain here. Do you want to join me for a game?"

"Of course," he said, with a smile. "I'd be delighted to join you. Captain Young did want me to pass along his regrets for not being able to attend this evening. He's covering for others so they can attend."

"Lucky for him, attendance isn't mandatory then. What do you think - horseshoes, badminton?" Flowers waved a hand vaguely in the direction of where several games were set up.

After looking over the tables laden with terran and exotic foods, Petty Officer Peeters, or Alexander when off duty such as now, poored himself a tall glass of refreshing iced tea. As a new arrival, almost every face around was a new one, though he spotted the distinctive silhouette of his friend Sabien some way off.

Alexander had visited the arboretum once or twice in the previous days and though he had not yet taken the time to fully explore it, it seemed like a home away from home, a wonderful place to relax and exercise for a bit when time permitted.

All of a sudden he spotted the pole sticking out of the ground in a little patch of grass put aside from the main gathering. Beside it stood a table with some crescent shaped pieces of iron. It took him a moment to inspect the items, but it didn't take long to identify them.

"Horseshoes," he said out loud in surprise as two officers stepped up behind him.

"Indeed," the Master Chief agreed. "If we can find ourselves a fourth we will be all set for a game."