Kepler Station
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Security Meeting

Posted on Saturday November 11, 2017 @ 8:42pm by Lieutenant Ethan Harper & Ensign Orlando Richards

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Security Offices
Timeline: MD 2 0800 HRS

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Ethan sat in his office, having gotten through most of the piled up PADDs that had been waiting. He'd found there had been a month long gap between his assignment and the transfer of the last Security Chief, promoted and reassigned on short notice to take over security on a ship. "In combat you often find yourself running up the ladder instead of climbing the rungs." It had been an expression of one his academy professors. He was lacking a deputy, an admin assistant, and more then half the senior billets in his department were vacant, let alone his staff was about half what it should be.

He'd called a meeting of the senior personnel he had and asked them to meet in the security briefing room. He passed through the main office and entered the conference room taking the empty seat at the head of the table waiting for his staff.

Barley had the dust settled from his seabag and he was already being called to a meeting. No officer liked meetings as it interfered with work, but them again, that was another job to be done. Orlando found the security offices easy enough as he had been spending time wondering the stations corridors, scouting out the quickest way from point a to point b and of course the best places to hide without being found from said work. As he entered the door to the security chief's own war room, he nodded to his fellow officers feeling slightly out of place being considered a "senior" officer. Long wavy locks of blond hair were neatly tied behind his head and his matching facial hair just as neat. Orlando looked like he would rather shake his hair loose and jump on a surf board. That description would be most accurate. 

"Good morning sir," Orlando said smiling as he took a seat close to the Chief of Security but still allowing room for more senior officers. 

"Welcome Ensign. Richards correct?" Ethan replied.

"Thank you and yes Sir. Ensign Orlando Richards. Pleasure to meet you Lt. Harper," Orlando said using the other man's name. Of course they both knew who the other was since memorising the crew manifest was part of a every security officer's job. This time he did not offer his hand to shake. His inadvertent social mistakes with the XO had taught him a valuable lesson. While Orlando was still a young officer he had plenty to learn if he ever wanted to become a Chief of Security. He would take every chance he could and learn everything possible from Ethan. 

Several other officers arrived and toke their seats. "Looks like everyone is here. Let's get started. I'm Lieutenant Ethan Harper the new Security Chief. One of the first things I will be doing is selected a Deputy Chief, all officers in the department are eligible. I'll be reviewing personnel files and speaking with most of you one on one. We will also be shifted some of our crews and patrol and team leads around. Any questions so far?"

Orlando wanted to ask how he could go about getting that deputy chief job, but after glancing around the room, he didn't think his joke would go over too well. Obviously he was the least likely in the room for that position. Team leader though, yeah he might be in the running for that. As he readjusted his hair he mulled over the Chief's question again. Did he have a serious question? Frowning slightly, he nodded towards the COS. "Sir, how will the teams be divided and are the patrols being changed?"

"We're short staffed, we will be operating with four shifts, one to cover each of the three duty shifts a day and a fourth to allow for down time in the rotation. Each shift will have a shift leader, I serve for Alpha shift, the Deputy will cover Beta, and senior watch officers will cover Gamma and Delta. Patrols will vary so that all security personnel are familiar with as much of the station as possible. I also believe strongly in on going training, so team will regularly have training in their schedule. Patrol details will depend on the shift, staffing levels and operational condition." Ethan said, "That cover your questions Ensign?"

That was more than an adequate answer. The Chief seemed to have a good solid plan on shifts and patrols. And the patrols seemed to offer enough variety in pattern to allow for variance. Doing patrols exactly the same way at the same time was a sure way of being caught off guard. Training also seemed like it was covered. More phaser training was one thing Orlando could defiantly use. While his records would show he was proficient, it would also reflect he was far from an expert. 

"I know we are pretty much in the thick of things out here, so to speak. What can we expect as far as action goes, like what exactly are we up against, sir?" Orlando asked as he leaned forward clasping his hands together and resting his elbows on the table. He had a kid and wanted to know what his chances were getting back home at some point. Like all tours this one was not a permanent one. Unless he didn't make it back to his family. Death was pretty much permanent as far he knew it. 

"That I can't tell you, we're far enough from the lines that we should be out of the direct line of fire. This station does have a primary role in providing medical support, we will likely see a lot of transient traffic, both Starfleet and non-Starfleet." The Lieutenant said, "As with any station we're a bit of a cross between typical security and also local law enforcement. You may be as likely to respond to a drunk and disorderly at one of the bars as you will someone entering a restricted area. It's important to remember that not everyone we deal with will be Starfleet, make sure you brush up on your civilian arrest procedures and your miranda rights."

Relief and disappointment both crossed the face of the young security officer. While he was relieved to know it would be safe to bring Logan for visits, he was disappointed not to be seeing action on the front lines. Orlando thought he had read in his orders that the security team did rotate out to the front and in the thick of the action. Drunks and disorderliness was something he had dealt with on a daily bases on the last outpost he had been assigned. That was due mostly to the large number of Klingon trafficking through the station. His facial expressions changed to one of distraction as his mind began to wonder off topic. Snapping back to attention, he faced his new boss again. "Yes sir, I will do that tonight. Have we had any issues with other problems, like smuggling weapons through the station or other organized crime activity?"  

"I don't know at the moment, I'm meeting with the Captain shortly. I want us to be prepared for everything. Any other questions?" He asked the group. Seeing none he dismissed the group, going to his office he began the list of possible deputies, putting Ensign Richards at the top.

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