Kepler Station
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It's a Bit Smaller Than I Expected

Posted on Tuesday October 24, 2017 @ 11:14pm by Lieutenant Ethan Harper

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Security Offices
Timeline: 0830 - Day After "Late Night Chat"

Having after a long night and finally getting the quartermaster to fix the paperwork and assigned him quarters. He had taken the rest of the day to get settled and sleep, and had decided to stop of by the security offices before his formal report in to the Captain was due at 0900. He showed his papers to the MA3 on guard duty who snapped to attention and seeing the officer was his new boss.

Entering the offices he was surprised to find them a bit cramped. The main area which served as Security's Ops Centre had half a dozen crew crammed around consoles. He found the duty office who pointed him towards one of three doors on the far side. He entered the office to find the desk heaped with reports, apparently there had been quite a bit of paperwork not being taken care of in the transition to the new Security Chief. He made a mental note to get the department readiness reports reviewed first and make sure the department was ready if the Cardassian decided to give them any trouble.

He gave the cramped space one last glance before departing for the Station Commander's Office.


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