Kepler Station
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Two Docs in the Box

Posted on Saturday November 11, 2017 @ 1:44am by Lieutenant Commander T'Lara MD & Captain Harold Young MD

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: XO's Office
Timeline: MD 2 1400 HRS

The morning after his arrival Harry had slept in late and then went down to check in with the various medical divisions. After ensuring everything was, in fact, running smoothly and getting face time with some of the personnel in the department he decided to go and check in with the Executive Officer. He had noticed that the XO was a physician but he didn't recall the name which wasn't to say that he'd never run across her he was terrible with names.

When he arrived at the XO's office he depressed the chime awaiting entrance.

T'Lara sat on the side of her desk, legs crossed, as she read Captain Flower's proposed combat readiness exercise. As the door opened, she hopped to the floor, slid her feet into her shoes, and turned to her visitor.

Harry entered the office and went to the XO's desk extending his hand to the woman. "Good morning, Commander, I'm Captain Harold Young the new Chief Medical Officer." He was clearly studying her face after giving the XO his name she seemed familiar. "I can't place your face but I think we've come across each other previously."

Though it wasn't her customary greeting, T'Lara accepted the handshake, her grip firm and almost mechanical. Her dark eyes locked on the Captain's, although her memory didn't require much jogging.

"I cannot hold it against you. We spoke at the same seminar on xenophysiology at the Boyce Memorial Hospital on Starbase 50," T'Lara explained. "That was 19 years ago." He had aged, physically. She had not. "I have read your texts and assigned them to my staff. It is an honor to have you as part of our crew."

The Commander's office was spartan, containing regulation furniture and no signs of personalization. All surfaces were bare. T'Lara indicated the settee, armchair, and coffee table at the front of the room, offering him a seat. "Please sit wherever you'd like, Captain."

The Captain moved to the settee he typically reserved his chair for himself and the couch for his guests and assumed that the XO would think similarly. "That is very kind of you to say, commander. If you don't mind me asking how is it that you ended up as Executive Officer?"

"I was serving in an administrative capacity at medical headquarters on Earth, when I was offered a position on this station while it was under construction," T'Lara explained. She perched on the opposite arm of the settee, hands folded across her lap. "As a non-practicing medical doctor with command training, it was an appropriate posting for my skillset."

He simply nodded, a waste of her medical training in his own opinion. "Is there anything that you require of me? I wanted to introduce myself and to see if there were any concerns you had. I've met with my medical staff already and I'm working on getting things situated."

"I am similarly curious. While Kepler is a major medical facility, it is not considered prestigious by any means. Why did you choose this posting?" T'Lara inquired.

"I didn't join Starfleet or become a doctor to be prestigious," he told her. "I joined to serve the people of this Federation and right now I can be the most helpful here," he told her flatly. "I didn't ask for Kepler specifically just something forward and I guess this is as far forward as they want me to be," he said, with a shrug.

"Understood," T'Lara affirmed. They were not familiar enough for her to compliment his humility and dedication to the profession over politics. However, she was quite pleased that the medical department would benefit from the Captain's expertise. "Once you've completed an assessment of your department's needs or concerned, please let me know how my department may be of assistance."

"Of course, Commander," he said. "If there's nothing else you'd like to discuss I would like to return to work."


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