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Time for a Coffee Break

Posted on Tuesday November 7, 2017 @ 12:24am by Lieutenant Junior Grade Beckah Healaighthe & Lieutenant Commander T'Lara MD
Edited on on Tuesday November 7, 2017 @ 12:26am

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Deck 100, Observation Lounge
Timeline: MD 2, 10:21

"Are you going to that social this afternoon?" Beckah asked, taking a seat across from T'Lara. She had arrived carrying two mugs and placed on in front of the commander. "What are they calling it? 'Houseplant Appreciation Day'?"

"As a horticulturalist, It would be cruel of me to deny my houseplants the appreciation that I am unable to provide," T'Lara answered. She wrapped her hands around the hot mug without a hint of discomfort. The look on her face as she inhaled the scent was the closest that a stoic could come to indicating satisfaction. Her mug contained a light roast with a silky body - certain to be perfection under the brewing skills of Lieutenant Healaighthe. "Given your propensity for hosting, I am somewhat surprised that the Captain did not ask you to organize such an event."

Beckah's mug held a dark Risian roast made light and sweet with plenty of cream and sugar. "It would have been a nice break from intercepting and processing transmissions," she replied before taking a tentative sip of her own coffee. It was still a touch too hot. "Those haven't slowed even in our lull."

"I don't expect that they ever will," T'Lara stated. Undisturbed by the heat of her beverage, she took a long swig. "What do you find satisfying about studying transmissions all day long?"

Rolling her cup between her palms as it cooled, Beckah pondered the question. Sometimes the staggering amount of work made her lose sight of what she actually enjoyed about her field. "It's like a puzzle," she finally said. "The encryptions often teach me more about language, syntax, and mode of thinking. A few months back when the Cardassians started using an obscure dialect as the basis for marking target colonies? That was fascinating."

"Indeed." T'Lara appreciated Beckah's choice of words. It was important that the Communications officer found some semblance of passion in the work, given as they were the first to know about the death, distress, and casualties on both sides of the conflict. "Do you plan on joining me to appreciate the houseplants?"

Finally able to enjoy a long sip of her drink, Beckah nodded as she lowered the mug. "Yes, perhaps," she answered. "If I can square away an acceptable amount of work, I think I have a Temtibi jasmine that would fit in nicely."

"I suppose I shouldn't bring anything that bites non-Vulcans," T'Lara posed. The flora of her homeworld were notably hostile. "Have you met many of the new crew?"

"I think I might have." The Risian woman didn't attempt to mask a grin. "A human male named Ben. We shared jamaharon last night."

"I didn't realize that we had people walking around with their horga'hns hanging out," T'Lara stated, her eyebrow arched.

Beckah giggled and needed to set her mug down for fear of spilling the coffee on her freshly pressed uniform. For some reason, people were always saying that Vulcans had no sense of humor, but in Beckah's experience, that was far from the case. "You must be meeting a lot of the new folks, though," she remarked, composing herself.

"In more official circumstances," T'Lara stated. "I make an effort to speak with every newly assigned commissioned officer. Given the staff turnover this month, there are a few dozen new names to learn."

"Indeed," agreed Beckah, "but it must be interesting to interact with some fresh faces. New stories, new quirks."

"I suppose I am oblivious to quirks," T'Lara mused. "There have been some interesting hair-styles however. Our newcomers are fortunate that we do not enforce a standard of grooming here."

With raised brows, Beckah asked, "Is that so?" Her palms pushed her hair straight up on the center of her head. "Does that mean I can finally try a mohawk? I think it might suit me!"

"You may try whatever you'd like, as long as it doesn't interfere with the performance of your duties," T'Lara explained. "Although I question if our station's barber is capable of such artistry."

Clapping her hands, Beckah laughed and said, "You're so funny, T'Lara." As she drank from her cup once more, the communications officer caught a glimpse of the time. With a sigh, she stood. "Shoot... I need to get back to my cubby hole. I'll see you at Plant Day, then."


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