Kepler Station
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Temperature Risian, Part 2

Posted on Friday November 3, 2017 @ 12:16am by Command Master Chief Benjamin Fisher & Lieutenant Junior Grade Beckah Healaighthe

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Beckah Healaighthe's Quarters, Deck 118, Module B

The lights automatically brightened to quarter illumination as Beckah led Ben into her suite. The ambiance was warm, with lots of homemade looking textiles, fragrant plants, and carved wooden decorations. "Here," she said, taking him by the hand and stepping over to a small sideboard with ornate figures engraved into it and a collection of sculptures sitting atop its lid. She picked up one of the statues, a wood piece with an oblong head, downturned arms, and splayed legs, and handed it to him. "The horga'hn," she stated, touching a finger to the center of its forehead. "Its symbol is ubiquitous on Risa—although, admittedly we've commercialized it a bit. But it can be found on everything from our ja'risia, to concert halls, to furniture—" she touched the side of the table, "to things as mundane as door panels."

Ben was surprised to see such elaborate decorations in the girl's quarters he couldn't help but stop and look. He was even more surprised when she grabbed his hand so he grasped back and followed her to the cabinet. He took the small statue and looked at it intently, "I've seen this before," he said, nodding. He continued inspecting it only briefly looking up at her, "what is it's meaning?" he asked.

She tilted her head and gave him a wry smile. "Are you sure you've been to Risa?"

"Yes. I mean, that's where they told us we were. And everyone had those things on their heads..."

Nodding, she ran her hands over his as he continued to scrutinize the horga'hn. "And no one offered you jamaharon while visiting? I thought that was the appeal for tourists coming to our planet. That and the fancy drinks."

"Oh no... there was that," he said, nodding.

"Which?" she asked, her grin growing wider as her fingers wandered further up his arms. "The drinks or the jamaharon?"


"Then you know the horga'hn's meaning." She took the sculpture from his hands and placed it back with the others. Turning away from him, she shrugged off the translucent blouse that matched the emerald camisole she wore underneath. Her pale, smooth shoulders looked like they had spent a lifetime being protected from the Risian sun, but a few freckles showed the times she might have stayed out too long. "May I get you something to drink?" she asked as she draped the garment over the back of a chair.

Ben was starting to connect the dots to the statue and eventually realized that he'd in fact seen the hor-gan every time that jamaharon happened. "Oh..." he said, quietly. "No, thank you, I'm okay..."

Beckah returned to him and wrapped her arms around his waist, pulling his body against hers. With her shoes slipped off, she was just slightly taller than Ben's shoulders. Leaning closer, she pressed her lips to the warm skin of his neck—she felt his pulse jump. With a smile, she continued to kiss him as her hands slid beneath the hem of his shirt until they pressed against his bare back.

He wrapped his arms around her as well, wondering if he should be doing this, this was wr– That kiss did feel really nice though and clearly, she was a very willing participant. They didn't know each other's rank or jobs... they knew their first names. Maybe just this once. "Jamaharon is a good word..." he remarked, regrettably. He looked down into her eyes she was a beautiful young woman and it was then he decided that he was committed his own hands finding their way up her waist under her camisole and to her sides.

"Relax..." Beckah purred as her lips moved up his neck to his ear. She lightly bit down on the lobe and flicked her tongue against it. There was no open space between their bodies, but she pulled him closer nonetheless and moaned softly as she rocked her hips against him.

"I'm relaxed," he said, turning his head so that his lips could search for hers.


How much time had passed, neither of them knew. Whether it had been hours or one prolonged moment, there was no way to be sure. On the floor, their warm, slick bodies slipped against each other and were it not for Ben's strong arms holding her tightly against him, Beckah would have been concerned about her balance. Her head rested against his shoulder as their synchronized breath eased and their entangled energies slowly separated.

"Mmm..." Beckah murmured. Her fingertips felt the drumming of his heartbeat as they raked through his chest hair. She had only shared jamaharon with a few Risian boys, all smooth-chested and inexperienced. There was something almost decadent about Ben. She pressed her lips to his neck once more, as she did when they began, and sighed happily.

"Mmm, indeed," he agreed, he held her closely his fingers caressing her back gently. He was very satisfied and was already looking forward to another time but he also knew that this was very wrong. He knew that in his position that he had no business fraternizing with any member of the crew. As it stood he had no idea what this girl did aboard the station nor her last name.

"I'm glad I brought you cake and coffee," he whispered into her ear before biting her ear lobe gently.

She gasped and wriggled with pleasure. "Me, too," she giggled.

"I'm afraid," he said, not wanting to defeat the mood, "this might be our only moment... even if I don't want it to be," he said, his breath along her ear and neck as he sighed slightly before hesitating and taking another nibble at her ear.

"Don't--" Her breath hitched as he started in on her ear again. "Don't end our moment prematurely." Sitting upright atop Ben, she inquired, "Why deny your desires?"

"Sorry," he said, with a slight kiss to the ear and then to the neck. "I guess I don't want to get too attached to these desires," he told her, regretting that immediately.

Beckah pouted. "Do I not bring you pleasure?" Her pout transformed into a smile, however, and she said, "Well... it feels like one part of you thinks I do..."

"You bring me lots of pleasure," he said, looking her in the eye and then kissing her pout. "I hope the feeling is mutual."

She melted easily against him once again. "Then let's just focus on that."

'Was that a yes?' he wondered, finally he just nodded in response his eyes fixated on hers.

"Then..." She dipped her head down and flicked her soft, pink tongue against his chest. "Just..." Continuing to kiss his torso, she pressed her lips lower and lower on his body. "Enjoy." With a glance up at him, looking for permission to go further, she said, "We'll worry about everything else tomorrow."

He nodded, which was not the only sign she had that she indeed had permission.

Beckah's bright eyes lit up and she continued her pursuit with renewed enthusiasm. It would be a long while yet before Ben would escape her clutches. There was a war just beyond this sector of space, and she was going to savor every moment away from it she could.


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