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Temperatures Risian (Part I)

Posted on Friday October 20, 2017 @ 1:54pm by Lieutenant Junior Grade Beckah Healaighthe & Command Master Chief Benjamin Fisher
Edited on on Sunday October 22, 2017 @ 4:59am

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Gostinaya On 1-8-5, Deck 185
Timeline: MD 1, 21:15

Benjamin was out of uniform and looking to go someplace that he didn't have to look at unpacked boxes. Ben hated to pack and unpack it was the absolute worst thing about being in Starfleet. If he could make a career as a single unit and never have to change quarters ever again he would sign up in a heartbeat. Then again at this point in his career, he could be at his last assignment anytime he wanted to be. The lounge he had found first was packed full of various people and so he found himself a tray that included two cups of nice hot coffee, a small thing of milk, a small thing of sugar, and two slices of three-layer chocolate cake. Afterall even a Master Chief could have a sweet tooth. At this point, he knew there was no chance he was going to find a seat alone and he was not interested in attempting to locate a new lounge so he just planned on joining someone and bringing them dessert as well. He walked around the lounge along the seats closest to the windows eventually finding an armchair across from a good-looking young woman, a Risian at that. He figured that he might as well go for the first good open seat with something nice to look at besides the stars.

"Excuse me, may I take this seat?" he asked, nodding toward the chair as his hands were full.

Beckah looked up from her reading and the end of a red striped straw dropped from her lips. She had been sipping from a pale pink frothy drink garnished with fruit cut into various shapes: a pineapple star, a strawberry flower. "Of course," she answered, trying to place the man's face. Although she didn't presume to know everyone aboard a facility that spanned 280 decks, she had a decent memory for people. "Please join me, Mister..."

“No mister, just Ben, and you are?” He asked, placing the tray down and then arranging a slice of cake, napkins, fork and mug of coffee for her on her side.

"I'm just Beckah," she replied. With a fair bit of amusement, she watched him arrange the dessert as if it were some sort of offering. "What is this?"

“It’s delicious,” He said. “I figured I needed to find someone to spend the evening with I should at least bring dessert. I didn’t know how you took your coffee though,” he said, motioning toward the milk and sugar as he arranged his own cake and coffee.

Beckah's cheeks started to match her drink. "You... wish to spend the evening with me?"

"Sure, why not?" he asked, glancing up at her, a small smile appearing as he saw her start to blush. "I hope I'm not imposing too much..."

Normally very bubbly, the Risian was unsure how to respond. No one aboard the station had asked her for jamaharon until this handsome stranger showed up. With a nervous laugh, she replied with the traditional, "All that is ours is yours." She took a quick sip from her straw before setting the drink aside and reaching for the coffee. She fixed it to be light and sweet.

He wasn't sure exactly what he meant, he wasn't that familiar with Risa, he just recalled hearing it when he had been there about six years prior. He took a sip of his coffee, black, and then picked up his fork. "I hope you like it," he said, before taking a forkful of cake and enjoying.

"If it has sugar in it, I like it." She followed her small sip of coffee with a big bite of cake. "Mmhm!" Nodding and covering her mouth with a napkin, Beckah happily savored the blend of coffee and chocolate flavors. Hoping the gesture would translate, she flashed Ben a thumbs up.

Ben couldn't help but have a large smile on his face, she was adorable, "I'm glad you like it," he said, lifting his coffee mug up. "Tell me about yourself, outside of work..." he said, not wanting to ruin things with ranks and positions. Regardless of what position or rank she held they would be completely different and it'd be wildly inappropriate for them to fraternize not that it was his goal to do so.

"Well..." She dabbed the edges of her mouth with the napkin then placed it beside the cake. "I'm Risian, obviously..." Her finger indicated the decorative ja'risia that she wore on her forehead while off duty. "You've already figured out two of my favorite things—coffee and baked goods, although I'm used to being the one who makes them," she said, laughing. "What about you?"

“I did notice the Risianness,” he smirked. “Coffee and baked goods are also two of my favorite things but I only make coffee and never bake.”

"That's a shame," Beckah teased, lifting her fork for another bite. "I was about to ask for your recipe."

“Maybe one day I can trust you with my top secret coffee recipe,” he said. “The best.”

She grinned. "I bet it involves hot water."

“It does,” he said, pausing. Suddenly a curious expression appeared on his face, “that comes off?” He didn’t know the Risian head thingy was removable he just thought it was a weird part of their heads.

Beckah burst out laughing. "Of course. Did you think we were just born with shiny marks?" Pressing her index finger to the center of her ja'risia, the little gold disk came away from her skin leaving a light red mark where it had been. She held it out to Ben, a thin, round foil on her fingertip. "It's a sacred mark for us," she explained. "The ja'risia. Its design is meant to resemble the horga'hn."

“Horning?” He repeated? As he touched it gently with the tip of his finger. “And I didn’t know it wasn’t... part of you, no. I mean... everyone has one. I just assumed,” he was getting a little flustered from embarrassment. “Learn something new everyday I guess.”

Her look became puzzled. "You recognize how widespread the ja'risia is, but you don't know the horga'hn?"

“I mean I saw it on people’s heads on Risa. I don’t think you can see the Horgan,” he shrugged.

"Horga'hn," she repeated, leaning closer so he could see how her lips formed the word.

“So what is it?” He asked, curiously he didn’t think he’d be able to pronounce it.

Smiling, Beckah said, "It symbolizes the spirit of our most holy deities, the Givers. If you'd like, we may go to my quarters and I will show you my collection."

“After Cake,” he smirked.


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