Kepler Station
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A Flock of Docs

Posted on Saturday November 25, 2017 @ 7:49pm by Captain Harold Young MD & Command Master Chief Benjamin Fisher & Lieutenant Sabien Krios M.D & Lieutenant Junior Grade Dove Baca Md & Lieutenant Junior Grade Damian Mallaester

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Medical Conference Room
Timeline: Mission day 2 (Jan 10.2352) 1130 hours

The meeting with the Captain had gone well and following that Captain Young made his way directly to the quartermaster's office and arranged his quarters. He then arranged a team to get his personal belongings and had them brought to his quarters or office as appropriate. The next thing he did was ask the Quartermaster to set up a personal comm for him and once it was in his possession he flipped it open.

"This is Captain Young, Chief Medical Officer, all senior medical staff report to Medical Conference Room 1 as soon as possible for an introductory meeting. Captain Young out," he said, closing the comm and placing it in his pocket. "You think they'd have better uniforms than these ridiculous getups," he commented to a Chief Petty Officer as he made his way from the Quartermaster's office and to check on his office allowing the senior medical staff to gather.

Damian had been the first to arrive to the conference room as he was close by when the call came through. The young Lieutenant frowned as he entered the empty room - just who was this Captain Young and why was he late to his own meeting? The man had identified himself as the Chief Medical Officer, but his name wasn't familiar. Perhaps the old CMO had taken a new assignment while on leave and this Captain Young was assigned to the station. Damian gave a shrug and took an empty seat as he awaited the new Chief and whomever else he had summoned.

Dove Baca had nearly made it back to her quarters when the call to gather came over the comms. "Really?" she asked Cannon.

"That's why I never aspired to a senior position. Have fun," Cannon said and playfully punched Baca in the arm.

"Oww," with more drama than was necessary, she landed against the corridor wall. "How do I look?"

"Like a dream."

"So, a nightmare? I guess I'll sleep later."

"Have fun!" Cannon called after her.

Dove wasn't the first to arrive, mostly because she saw a tray of bagels pass her path and was distracted enough to follow them half a corridor out of her way. But, she had a bagel now and that would get her through the meeting. She took a seat near the front of the room and devoured the carbs.

Sabien entered after the new Chief Surgeon and sat down opposite to her. He did not have the opportunity to formally meet after her transfer from the Virginia was notified. Being a General Practitioner meant a healthy disdain of Surgeons centuries ago but modern technology meant their work was often intertwined. He respectfully nodded at her when their gaze met and he gestured that she needn't pass the bagels, his amphibian breakfast left no space for humanoid food today. They usually never mixed well in his experience like how humans couldn't mix different alcoholic beverages at the same go.

"I don't think we've met," Dove brushed her hands off on her lab and reached a hand out across the table. "Where are you from?"

"I am Doctor Sabien Krios, General Practitioner on the Kepler for over a year now." he introduced himself "I am a Thanien, we are settled on Deneb V."

"Really?" Her reaction was to the year-long comment. It was a big station, but she also rarely had time to travel outside of her medical unit. But instead of commenting on her inability to recognize other doctors on the station, she said, "I don't think I've ever encountered a Thanien before."

"That is most possible Doctor considering there are only 656 Thaniens in Federation space." Sabien said agreeably "The rest of my species are on Lactra VII. I have not heard or read of any others escaping our homeworld to add to that number."

The next entry to the room was Master Chief Fisher, "hello doctors," he said. He moved over to the table and took a seat at the table. "Captain Young is eager to start I see."

Damian nodded at Master Chief Fisher, the only one in the room that he had met thus far. The two doctors who sat conversing were unfamiliar to him, but that was to be expected on a station, such as Kepler, that hosted a large medical staff.

Sabien nodded at the Master Chief as well. A middle-aged man, the master chief was not known to him personally but he had heard good things nonetheless. "I guess so.", he added to the Master Chief's statement. "Do you know the Captain?" the Thanien asked Lieutenant Mallaester in attempts to start a conversation.

Fisher was about to speak up about his relationship with the Captain but that was when the new Chief Medical Officer had decided to enter the room. The Captain moved to the head of the conference table and stood behind the chair smiling among those assembled. As he looked around at the various medical providers his eyes stopped at Dove.

"Excuse me," he said, pausing and adjusting his stance so he could see the rank on her collar. "Lieutenant..." he had no idea her name, but gestured toward her. "This is for the senior medical staff." She looked way too young to be a Lieutenant Junior Grade let alone the fact that a LTJG was assigned to be a division chief within the department didn't seem possible to him. In his opinion even the full Lieutenants were too junior to be supervising other physicians.

Dove stood. At her height, it was difficult to stretch the dimensions and look tall. And imposing was out of the question. All she could hope for was "less cute," but her preabulatory smile ruined that too. "I'm chief surgeon of the 212," she answered. "I do belong here, but I was headed to bed when this meeting was called - so if you want to send me the notes later, I'm fine with that as well."

The Captain frowned, "You look too young to be a physician let alone a chief of anything," he said, frankly. "A Lieutenant Junior Grade Chief Surgeon," he shook his head, before taking his seat. This would be something that he would be contacting Starfleet Medical and Starfleet Personnel over what on Earth were they thinking?

"Now then, what is your name young lady?" he asked.

"Doctor Dove Baca," she answered simply. She didn't feel the need to defend her rank or position to the newcomer and returned to her seat. He would either review her service record and accept her position later, or he would have a issue and feel the need to observe her in action - then accept her position. Either way, he would learn her qualifications without her needing to explain.

The Captain simply nodded and motioned toward the officer seated next to her, "introduce yourself please."

Damian had watched the exchange with muted incredulity - never had he encountered an asshat of this measure. Sure the doctor looked young, but she could be any number of species that shared their appearance with that of humans and just also happened to be a century older than any of them, including the aged Captain Young. He smirked slightly at her response before Young turned his attention on him seated beside Doctor Baca.

"I'm Lieutenant JG Damian Mallaester," he introduced himself, voice tinged with a slight South American accent, "recently assigned Head Nurse."

"As head nurse do you feel that the nursing staff should be assigned to a specific division within the department or rather rotate through all?" he asked, getting straight into business.

"Both options have their merits, but I believe the former is the best course of action," Damian explained. "They can be assigned based on their individual strengths and or specialties to better serve the station's needs."

"What if they are suddenly needed to fill another role? Do you feel that they would be able to sufficiently switch gears without practice?" The Captain was playing devil's advocate he wasn't there to just agree. He was there to get opinions from his division chief's and then make a sound decision based on their advice. And while he always had his predetermined beliefs they didn't always become his choice when presented with good alternatives.

"Having several specialists assigned to a particular division would make such unnecessary," Damian responded, "but in the case of a major catastrophe I see how cross-training would be beneficial. As I said, both have their merits, yet I stand by my initial assertion."

While nurses that were specialized in specific areas were helpful they also just followed orders and so if they needed to move it wasn't the end of the world. "I will stand by your scheduling decision but you should be sure that every nurse has at least a basic idea of where supplies are kept in each division in case of emergency."

"I'll see to it, sir." Damian gave a slight nod of his head as he replied. At least the man seemed to be more reasonable with him that he had with Doctor Baca just a few moments ago.

"Do you have any concerns regarding the nursing staff or the department as a whole?" he asked, still looking directly at his head nurse.

"Not as of yet," the nurse replied, "I've only been here for a week and the only issue in that time was not having a CMO present, but that seems to have sorted itself out," he gestured slightly at Captain Young with a laugh.

"Indeed," Young said, with a nod to the nurse.

Sabien watched the proceedings with interest. Captain Young was not an unknown bureaucrat, he had a reputation in academic circles preceding him. And he had no inkling of his personality which he was starting to learn from the moment he entered the room. It was a bit presumptuous on his part to be dismissive of the Chief Surgeon out of hand. But then again, non surgeons were dismissive of their counterparts. When the Captain's gaze met his eyes, he spoke up.

"Lieutenant Sabien Krios, GP on the Kepler and whatever roles that are required of me and within my skill set when directed," he said honestly.

"Are there any concerns within your division? And do you have any plans for improvement or changes to be made from your predecessor?" he asked.

"Those changes have already been made, Captain." Sabien said earnestly. "Commander T'Lara and I have been actively trying to improve efficiency ratings of the medical facilities and triage zones with monthly assessments and occupancy metrics." he said at a stretch. "Not to toot one's own horn but I am pleased to say that our ratings are 'highly satisfactory', in the Commander's own words."

"I'm glad to hear that you are pleased with your progress," he explained. "I would like you to please send me a report including your methods and the outcome of the changes coming into place."

"I haven't had much chance to meet the medevac teams however from my discussions with various officers and crew as well as reports everything appears to be operating efficiently. There seems to be no real leadership above the individual team level which seems to work fine I don't see the need to make any changes as of yet though as I plan on leading a team myself I will update you as I find out more," the Master Chief spoke when the Captain looked to him.

"I am aware of the current patient census but I would like to know if there are any particular patients, procedures, or conditions that we are worried about? Is there something that we as a team need to address to better address the condition of a patient and improve an outcome?" he asked. He had gone through all of the units when he had arrived but took a general interview he wasn't up on the patients he viewed no charts but he did want to know of any critical cases to ensure that the proper support was being given and received by his people.

"I am happy to be in this assignment," he began when the status reports ended. "I wanted to come to a forward area to be able to support patients who need the most help. To ensure the success of a staff who will be feeling the stress of being in a forward area and to lend my skills to where they're needed most. I trust that all of you despite the usual expected experience are here for a reason. I am not here to watch over your shoulder and I am not here to manage your divisions I am here to facilitate you. If you need supplies, equipment, staffing, or have an issue that your division cannot manage I am the person you call anytime day or night to help you get it done. I do intend on occasionally making my way through the various departments seeing a patient or two and lending a hand. I am happy to cover once in a while during a staffing shortage. My door is open my communicator is always on as long as I'm kept abreast of the situation in each division I'm happy."

"As for personnel issues please address anything regarding a commissioned officer to me, anything with a nurse commissioned or civilian to Lieutenant Mallaster, and any non-commissioned or enlisted personnel issues to the Command Master Chief. The Head Nurse and the Master Chief will come to me as needed of course. Do we have a designated training officer?" he asked, not finding any written record of such designation.

He looked around at the assembled staff, "alright I will be reviewing personnel records to make a recommendation. Anyone who is interested in taking on the additional duities you can contact me directly. If there is nothing else I think we're done here?"

With no indication of anyone having anything to discuss he nodded, "dismissed."


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