Kepler Station
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Posted on Saturday November 4, 2017 @ 1:40pm by Captain Kaui Flowers & Captain Harold Young MD

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Kepler Station, CO's Office
Timeline: Mission day 2 (Jan 10.2352) 1015 hours

The man, the myth, the legend. Well at least as far as Starfleet Medical was concerned. Captain Harold Young, or Harry as some knew him, was the author of a few textbooks used in Starfleet medical training. He also had run many medical departments, a hospital on Earth, and was thought to be slated to become Surgeon General of the Federation but instead, he requested duty in a forward area. This wasn't the time for people to be leaving the service it was time for people to be going into service of the government, he'd explained.

He had arrived aboard a Starship en route to the front lines that weren't as ready as they should be. He had spent every waking moment in the Sickbay helping the ship's medical department to prepare for war. The mood was odd when he left having befriended the CO and the CMO on their brief journey together. He told them when he bid them farewell he'd keep them in their thoughts and to call on him if there was anything they needed.

He had been a bit aloof as he walked along toward the station CO's office. His personal belongings were being offloaded to be stored until he was able to arrange himself some quarters and find his office. He entered station operations and began to cross toward the office he was looking for and just about walked into a couple people. He apologized fervently to each and took a deep breath to clear his mind to make his way toward his destination with purpose and clarity. He immediately hit the chime taking no time at all to further gather his thoughts nor did he care about his appearance which was what one would expect of a Starfleet Captain anyway.

From behind him, he heard the greeting, "You must be the new Chief Medical Officer I've been waiting for." She straightened her jacket while moving to her office. "Come on in," Captain Flowers invited.

Harry entered the office and moved directly to the CO and extended his hand, "a pleasure to meet you, Captain," he said. "I'm Captain Harold Young but please call me Harry."

She accepted his hand. "Captain Kaui Flowers - Kaui doesn't have any nicknames that are appropriate in Federation Standard, so Kaui is fine," she said. "Welcome aboard, Captain. It's good to have you here. We were expecting Doctor Skala's leave to be temporary, but I don't question the decisions of Starfleet Medical."

“I’m not sure what the reason was but I’m happy to be in a place such as this with the current times,” he told her.

Kaui smiled and motioned to the seating, "The medical staff on this station is quite extensive. I'm sure you'll find everyone to be of highest quality; we've been pilfering the best from all across the fleet for the last year."

"I'm glad to hear that and I intend on abusing my reach within Starfleet Medical to ensure that we continue getting the best to a forward hospital," he told her, flatly. "My understanding is Ben Fisher is aboard as your Command Master Chief?"

"Yes, he arrived the other day," Kaui confirmed. "You are familiar with him?"

"I am," he said. "Master Chief and I served together on a couple of occasions back once back when I ran a sickbay on a starship and he was my Chief Corpsman. And he also led one of our Health Services "A"-Schools when I was at Starfleet Medical. He's a good man, well educated, and a fantastic Corpsman when he gets a chance to roll up his sleeves. He'll be an asset to you."

"I'm certain he will be," Kaui agreed. "There is a station gathering later today. Attendance is not mandatory, but it's a good way to meet and greet some of the crew. If you're done settling in later, I would recommend you stop by."

"Of course," he said with a nod. The Medical Officer rose to his feet, "if you'll excuse me until then?"

"Certainly," Kaui indicated permission with her gesture also, then returned to work herself.


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