Kepler Station
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Late Night Chat

Posted on Tuesday October 24, 2017 @ 3:59pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Lara MD & Lieutenant Ethan Harper

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Main Lounge - Kepler Station
Timeline: 03:27 - Following "He Came in the Middle of the Night"

Ethan was annoyed, all he had wanted to do was get to his quarters, shower and get some sleep. He was annoyed as a senior officer his orders had been lost and he was now waiting to for the Chief Quartermaster to be on duty so he could actually get his assignment. He entered the lounge, eyeing the booth in the corner he considered just sleeping there for a few hours, but assuming he'd look like a drunk passed out and it wasn't the best impression to make he decided not to. He grabbed a seat at the bar and dropped his on the deck. "I'll grab a pint of whatever lager you have on tap." He said to the bartender as she approached. She nodded and a moment later slid him a pint. He took a long drink from the glass and it improved his mood if it didn't improve his exhaustion.

Other than the lone employee, the sole occupant of the room was a Vulcan woman in grey casual attire, her dark curls of hair tied back in a braid, leaning over the billiards table and focused intensely on the game. T'Lara wore an intense expression as she set up a shot, aiming for the left corner pocket. The principles of geometry determined the proper angle, but physics, which determined the proper force, was more difficult to calculate. So it came to pass that as she leaned in and struck the ball, it did indeed find its way to the left corner pocket, but given the woman's enhanced strength cracked through the side of the table, sailed across the room, and embedded itself in the polymer fronting of the bar, approximately two meters to Harper's right.

At a glance, he could see a range of similar dents along the bar, as though this were a recurring incident. The bartender glanced up at T'Lara and then continued about her business with a shrug.

"My apologies," T'Lara offered the newcomer in the room. "I did not notice that you had entered the room."

"I'll assume that wasn't meant for my head," Ethan said with a small grin. "Careful, keep that up and they'll send you a bill for the repairs."

"Futile, as I possess no currency," T'Lara replied, familiar enough with sarcasm to discern the man's tone. "Which also means I cannot purchase you a beverage as compensation for the bother."

She returned the pool cue to the rack and inspected the damage to the billiards table. T'Lara quickly typed a requisition order into her datapadd, then approached the bar.

"At this hour, I am accustomed to having this place to myself," she informed the Lieutenant, whom she didn't recognize.

"Well the Quartermaster's Office seemed to have lost my transfer orders, and by extension my quarters assignment. Meaning I get to cool my heels here until the morning and he's back on duty. I hope things on this station normally run a bit more orderly," he remarked, taking another long drink from his beer.

"You might have pulled rank and woken him up," T'Lara offered, after studying the Lieutenant for a moment. The stubble on his chin and redness in his eyes did indicate a long day. "It is considerate that you did not. One can benefit from staying on the quartermaster's good side."

"And while I do not wish to make excuses for the oversight, the station is in the midst of a major staff changeover. The majority of our security and tactical crew are being rotated out to serve on vessels, stations, and bases closer to the front lines," she explained.

"As Vulcans do not require sleep, I can offer you my quarters on Deck 107," she suggested, "I was not planning on using them at all."

"That's very considerate but I'm fine. I'm not due to report in until tomorrow anyway. I had managed to get onto an earlier transport." He said. Finishing his beer, he indicated to the bartender to get him another one.

"Very well. I was concerned that you had to report for duty at 0800," T'Lara replied. "Do you intend to spend the next four hours drinking synthehol?"

"Perhaps," he said, taking a swig from the second drink. "Likely not, I have a book I've been meaning to finish or I might take a stroll see what this station is like."

"I've noticed that humans become a bit gruff when lacking adequate rest," T'Lara commented. Off his look, she added, "I won't hold it against you if we meet while on-duty."

She leaned against the bar. "If I may have the courtesy of your name, I can show you a bit of what the station is like, but I doubt we can cover all the decks in four hours."

"Lieutenant Ethan Harper." He extended a hand. "And yours?"

After accepting the human greeting with a firm handshake, T'Lara offered a traditional Vulcan salute. "T'Lara."

He nodded and did his best to return her greeting his fingers not quite mimicking the action. "Why don't we start that tour?"


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