Kepler Station
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Old friends in new places

Posted on Saturday October 21, 2017 @ 6:28pm by Petty Officer First Class Alexander Peeters & Lieutenant Sabien Krios M.D

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Primary shuttlebay
Timeline: Mission day -4, jan 5 2352
Tags: introduction, Peeters, Krios

Sabien checked the chronometer working on the wall silently. He noted the busy bodies in the bay working over the various shuttles and the traffic coming in and out of the shuttlebay hangar doors which had a helpful integrity field generator that allowed localized modulation to allow shuttles to enter a pressurized hangar.

He had not seen his childhood friend in a long time. The Thenian community was an oddity on Deneb V and Alex was probably one of the few who was genuinely not intimidated or disgusted with his appearance as children. Although they were good friends in school, his getting into the academy and Alex dropping out of his chance .... meant that there was some distance in their relationship now. But Sabien thought he could now change that here on the Kepler.

Alexander tried to get a good glimpse out of the viewscreen as the shuttle approached Kepler Station. Although he was only a passenger at the moment, soon he would have to dock here on his own. He was impressed and slightly intimidated by the amount of traffic coming in and out of the different shuttlebays. Although Jupiter station had been busy too, this station had a very different layout, and with it's new role as a battlefield hospital, things would get crowded and chaotic really quickly once casualties started being brought in.

He was so engrossed with the spectacle outside that the speed of the docking procedure took him by surprise. As the shuttle entered the bay and proceeded to it's landing area, Alexander quickly scurried back aft to collect his luggage.

With a quick greeting to the shuttle's pilot, Alexander stepped out of the shuttle into the busy bay. For a moment his shoulders sagged and he dropped his duffel to the floor. This place was crowded and he had no idea where to go first.
He started following the other crewmen that had just disembarked when he saw a very familiar face near one of the exits.

Quickly Alex hitched the duffel over his shoulder and stepped in the direction of his childhood friend. It was hard to read Sabien's face from this distance though, and Alexander wondered if Sabien had come out here to greet him, and if so, if it was voluntary or if he had been ordered out here to greet the new arrivals.

Sabien waved over to Alex as he approached. He took out a Belgian chocolate bar and handed it over to Alex when he came near. "Welcome to the Kepler." he said as he handed over his gift.

In just that one moment, Alexander lost his nervousness and gave a big smile at his friend. He gratefully accepted the offered gift and started laughing in earnest when he realised what was.
"Real Belgian chocolate, Sabien? And here I thought I was going to be original with my gift" he said with a smile as he handed Sabien a wrapped up package that looked astoundingly similar in shape, size and weight.
"Though I suppose I am just too predictable. I just can't help it. I brought half a trunk full from earth to save or hand out as I see fit."
His tone got a lot more serious as he added "I expect it will be a long time until I get the chance to refill that supply."

The seriousness lasted for only a moment though, and Alexander's eyes started to twinkle again.
"So, a full fledged Lieutenant, huh? That must come with perks."

With a cheeky grin he asked the Thanien: "So, do you have your own pool in your quarters? Lieutenant Doctor, Sir?"

Sabien merely waved off the boisterous pilot, "I have a water tank. It is nothing too fancy but enough for me to get through the day." and he added with a double blink "And please ... no rank or sirs. I am not on duty right now."

"Is it true that the station has a nature reserve on board? That sounds like a wonderful place to do some exercise and perhaps have a nice barbeque party or something. Is there a place to go for a swim? It's been ages since I had the chance."
Alexander had no wish to take a dip in the water tank in Sabien's quarters and Sabien would most likely stay clear of any chlorinated swimming pools, but if there was a 'natural' source of water on the station, which was in and of itself a contradiction, the two friends might go for a swim together like they sometimes did on the warmer days of their youth.

"It is true. Presidium class stations have a lot of acreage so to speak." Sabien said imagining the old stations of yore which were highly spartan. He opened the chocolate gift from Peeters and commented "Tastes really work like transporters don't they? It is like being on Deneb V again." he said with a chuckle. "Don't worry about having a barbeque party, I hear the Captain is working on something like that very soon. She is calling in all the new recruits for a 'getting to know you' session."

"That seems like a great idea!" Alexander exclaimed with a big stupid grin. "Seems like a great way to get aqcuainted with both the station and the crew. I just hope nothing comes up in the meantime. I suppose you never know when the next Cardassian raid will kick us back to work. "
With a sigh he hoisted his duffel on his shoulders.

"Speaking of work, I should report in and get settled."
Tired, but in a good mood, Alexander followed his friend out of the bay and into the travelcore of the station.
"So, where can a guy grab a good cup of coffee on this station?"

"I know just the place!" Sabien claimed as they walked out.


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