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Doctors' Orders

Posted on Friday October 13, 2017 @ 1:27pm by Lieutenant Commander T'Lara MD & Lieutenant Sabien Krios M.D
Edited on on Friday October 13, 2017 @ 1:27pm

Mission: Hopkins the Line of Fire
Location: Deck - 104 ; Primary Health Center
Timeline: Mission day -4 (Jan 5, 2352). 0700 HRs

The Primary Health Center was the screening system to the advanced care facilities of the station. It primarily cared for the station residents but also was pressed into service when there was an influx of refugees, civilian or Starfleet emergencies. Sabien Krios was pleased to be assigned here instead of a starship. While the primary assumption of safety was a factor, there was also the ability to best utilize ones skills on a larger subset than just a ship or a colony in question. Also stasis unit supplies were stabilizing on the border so grievous injuries and illness was bought more time now a days.

Sabien began the day at sharp 7 am standard station time. With a predominantly human complement, utilizing the Terran standard made the residents more at ease. It was not a hectic weekday. Patients today were of the mundane variety. Common cold to Antarean shingles........

Must note this case for the Sexually Transmitted Disease register. Alarming increase in new cases on the station. Perhaps can prepare a epidemiological report on conflict induced STD infection clusters Sabien thought while treating his patient.

Tring The anachronistic bell rang out indicating to the waiting room that he was done and for the next patient to come in. He was old fashioned in some respects. Also could be said to be eccentric. Also, he did not have a receptionist ....... The war effort meant he could not have luxuries afforded. A duty nurse was needed for more important work than secretarial stuff.

Tring Sabien rang again. He also liked bells....... The vibrations were soothing.

T'Lara sauntered calmly into the examination room. En route to her morning workout, the executive officer wore a thin sweat-shirt, tank top, and leggings all in grey tones. Her bare arms revealed the creases where her biosynthetic limbs attached to her forearms.

"Good morning, Sabien. I thought it better to schedule an appointment than to abuse the privileges of my rank," T'Lara explained.

Sabien was happy to see the Commander. During his stay on the station, he had grown to appreciate the Vulcan XO's meticulous and through work. The Commander was an able physician in her own right, with decades of experience. Although she was stuck behind a desk these days, her keen medical sense was often of great value to Sabien in tricky cases.

"Of course Commander." Sabien said with modesty. "I am always available to my favorite Vulcan. Please have a seat." he said indicating the seat in-front of him. "I hope you and the Captain are well."

"I cannot speak for the Captain, but I am functional," she replied, sliding onto the examination table. "The brief pause in casualties flowing from the front provides us all a moment to..." She pondered the proper word. "... relax. Or catch up on reports, as the case may be. How are matters here?"

Sabien nodded in agreement. "I suspected that there was a lull in the war. Considering the spike in STD's, I figured it must be the end of days or end of the war." he intoned. "We have bit of an epidemiological pickle in finding the carriers of a virulent strain of Andorian shingles on the station." he said with a shrug "Just another Monday as Humans put it, nothing too troubling for senior staff to get worried about." he said getting up from his table.

"Pull the necessary staff to research the appropriate vaccinations," T'Lara stated, "Then we will dispense to the entire crew." Easier said than one, but certainly achievable.

"That is considerate and a viable solution." Sabien said with a nod. "An inoculation should check the spread of the epidemic."

"Luckily for us, Sexual urges is something we need not worry too much about." he said grabbing a medical tricorder and its accessories.

"Taking into consideration physiology, there is an important distinction to be made between an urge to procreate and an interest in physical experiences," T'Lara reminded him. "Vulcans behavior does not preclude them from the latter."

Sabien had no eyebrows to arch in surprise. Did the Vulcan just claim that the act of copulation could be anything ....... recreational or exploratory? He knew the Humans believed so with tantric sexology .... bu Vulcans? He did think that this was just the Commander trying to pull his leg with her Vulcan sense of dry humor.

"Well, the Thanien sexual experience is nothing to write home about." he said with a slight shrug. "I had four children out of gamete insemination by my own hands. It is unfortunately as boring and mechanical as it sounds even if it were in the natural environment rather than in the lab like I did." he said trying to explain himself. "Imagine having to have yourself swim around trying to collect these gametes as they float around you. Which is why we can never know our fathers, only our progenitors or mothers in gendered parlance." Sabien quickly realized that the Commander was probably not here for a Thanien bird-and-the-bees talk.

"Do you wish to update your bioprosthetic performance logs or is there anything specific for me to look into?" he asked the XO to change the subject.

"During my last adjustments, they attempted to increase the level of feedback simulating touch," T'Lara explained, with a tinge of disappointment. "It continues to feel... false. I would rather dial down those functions and return to baseline performance."

Sabien checked the readings, "Did you know they cochlear implants of the 20th century Earth recreated sounds for the human brain which sounded like a squeaky cartoon mouse?" he said trying to analyze the output logs with the tactile feedback inputs "Humans who were involved in accidents or diseases that destroyed both cochlear nerves had to adjust with these strange sounds that they knew were not anything close to real .... but were the best they could have."

The analysis showed that the implants were functional and working to optimum parameters. Sabien placed back the hand held sensor to his pocket as he used the tricorder to recheck everything. "This technology is the cutting edge in the Federation and it will probably never approximate to the reality you once knew...... But you should give it a longer run-in period. Customization protocols are still in-development and research cycles are showing promise. If you continue the latest feedback stimulation protocol, it gives more data for research to improve." he said sending a report to the development labs via subspace mail network.

"That said, the choice is yours." Sabien said succinctly "Please make one based on logic rather than emotion." he said as only a friend could to a Vulcan. It was a grave accusation even though T'Lara was not too much of a stickler for the ways of Surak. Sabien always suspected that the knowledge of her parents being in the V'tosh ka'tur made her much more receptive to ideas alien to traditional Vulcan philosophy.

T'Lara's head titled slightly, indicating amusement. "You present an irrefutable argument. There is potential benefit to many more people if I continue to use these updated protocols." She glanced down at her hands for a moment. In the three years since the receiving the prostheses, she had committed herself to making the most of the circumstances and continuing to serve Starfleet to the best of her abilities. Sabien was the first to present the case that she was also contributing to scientific and medical advancement. "

"There has been a negative impact on my ability to perform my duties. I began tracking instances where the feedback has halted my performance, over the past months. Data reveals a seven percent decrease in efficiency," she added. Of course even at 93% efficiency, the XO was outpacing most of the crew of the station. "While I still believe your option is the correct one, I will continue to collect this data for future appointments."

"So do you want me to merely alter parameters or do you want to shut out the feedback protocol and restore factory settings?" Sabien asked for clarification.

"Maintain the current feedback protocol, so that the necessary data can be passed on to the labs," she specified, in a monotone. It was the correct decision to make although not the one she wanted to make.

"As you wish Commander." Sabien nodded, logging out of the settings menu. "It is a very considerate decision and as per sub section 3 dot 8 in the ethical code book I declare no conflict of interests in my advice to you." he said as he replaced the tricorder and attachment to its rightful place.

"That said, the decision was certainly not very pleasant to make." Sabien said turning back to the Commander "May I offer an altruistic visit to the arboretum when you have the time as a reward to tide over the unpleasantness? The Edosian orchids are set to bloom very soon and considering your olfaction is cent percent, perhaps the visit will be quite stimulating."

"That is very considerate of you," T'Lara stated, "To clarify, I am not seeking to compensate for my prostheses by enriching my other senses. I apologize if I suggested any sort of self-victimhood."

"The apology should be from my part." Sabien explained "That was probably the worst way to segue into visiting the Arboretum for the Captain's 'Houseplant appreciation day' with you."

"Oh," T'Lara stated. "In that case, I am honored to accept your invitation."


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