Kepler Station

Into the line of fire

Posted on Friday October 6, 2017 @ 1:32pm by Petty Officer First Class Alexander Peeters


Personal log: Petty Officer Alexander Peeters
Date: December 28, 2351

Though I gave up hope quite some time ago, it seems my request for a transfer has finally been approved.
This was my fourth request I believe, but I should't complain about that, since I finally got my wish granted.
And hey, extra bonus, apparently they decided to give me a long overdue promotion!
Petty Officer First Class!
Nothing too spectacular, but it seems like a sign that I am once again being noticed by the administration.


I mean, Jupiter station had it's perks and I loved being stationed there, but after all this time, I think it was time for a change of scenery.
I hope that at Kepler Station I can be of more use than in Sol. There is nothing wrong with chauffeuring visitors, hauling cargo and helping to carry out inspections in the stardock, but I feel like my skills were wasting away.
I miss the old days on Earth where I would go out with my team, relying on our skills and our experience to rescue and recover those poor sobs that decided to wander where they should't have.


Is that why they selected me for this transfer?

I know Kepler isn't exactly on the frontlines, but being stationed there will no doubt be far more interesting and rewarding than Jove-duty.
If I read my transfer file correctly, they could put me to use in one of the MedEvac teams. That should bring back memories.

If not, I suppose shuttling crew and cargo around Kepler station can't be worse than doing in around Jupiter station.
Maybe I should use my time to brush up on my first aid, though.
Let's see if I can figure out who I should contact on Kepler for a medical refresher course or something

[...long silence, some bleeps in the background...]

Oh, that's right! Old fishface is on Kepler too! I forgot where he transferred to last time! I should have kept in better contact with him..
This might get awkward.. Or it could be a fresh start in our friendship.

Man, I'm bored.. Kepler is further away than I thought.. how much longer?


Let's go do some good out there!