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Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe McMahon

Name Chloe McMahon Dr

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5ft5"
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Chloe is a girl who tends to catch the eye when she enters the room. Her long dark brown hair is waist length, normally kept tied back or in a French plait to ensure it doesn't get in the way while she works. Soulful brown eyes suggest a wisdom beyond her years but she always has a ready smile. She has a tattoo on her back of a rose which once bore the name of her estranged husband, while she had his name removed, she kept the rose as a reminder of their marriage. Weighing in at 110lb, she has a very slender physique but she enjoys running every day as well as swimming to keep herself fit.


Spouse Liam Jamieson
Father Steven McMahon, Admiral
Mother Catherine McMahon, artist
Brother(s) James McMahon (33), Engineer, Starfleet R&D
Other Family Niece, Ellie (4) and sister in law, Joanna (31)
Grandfather, Matthew McMahon

Personality & Traits

Personality profile Chloe possesses a sharp, analytical mind and an intuition which often helps her make connections which at first seem unorthodox or downright impossible. She is determined, focused and expects everyone around her to be equally professional when on duty. On the flip side, she is keenly observant and an excellent listener and confidante. She is loyal to her friends but if that loyalty is betrayed she does not forgive and forget easily, preferring to learn from it and move on than dwell upon what might have been or who did what to whom.
Strengths & Weaknesses Analytical/logical thinker.
Detailed knowledge across a range of scientific disciplines, specialising in biomedical sciences making her an ideal candidate to support the work of the medical teams on board.
Approachable & good listener who can be entrusted with secrets


Does not give second chances which have hindered her personally, as well as stopped her from going for some available assignments.
Can be stubborn
While she enjoys keeping fit, her weight can drop to unhealthy levels due to a genetic condition linked to her thyroid. When this happens she can become moody and withdrawn, with no appetite to eat. She has routine exams and treatments if necessary to avoid this but has been known to 'snooze' the reminders if she is in the middle of a complex study.
Hobbies & Interests Books have been a huge part of her life and she enjoys the chance to sit with a glass of wine and a classic book to enjoy. She also enjoys watching old movies from the archives (especially the exceptionally bad and cheesy 'B' movies) with a tub of popcorn for company.

While she would not readily admit it, she enjoys her daily run and swims regularly to. The first was initially a means to an end but she has found it calming and a time to think.

Personal History Her husband once declared that Chloe was an 'open book', although she begs to differ.

The youngest child of Steven and Catherine McMahon, she had very little contact with her parents growing up. By this point already a starship captain, her father was often away for months if not years at a time while their mother had little interest in being a stay at home mother, often disappearing for long periods of time. Consequently, Matthew McMahon became the parental figure they grew to rely upon and many of Chloe's mannerisms come from her grandfather. With a quick wit and a powerful intellect, the retired surgeon was a challenging but worthy role model for Chloe and her brother and the trio became inseparable.

Learning has always been a key part of her life, spending many hours in her grandfather's library as a child reading classic literature to science fiction. Growing up, she showed an aptitude for the sciences - in particular the medical sciences. At one point she considered following in her grandfather's footsteps but after an arranged work experience in Edinburgh she quickly realised it was not for her.

While her father was not a constant figure in her life, Chloe did look up to him and cherished the rare times they were together. So perhaps it was not surprising that when considering her future, she ultimately applied to Starfleet Academy, sailing through the entrance exam and securing her place just as her brother and father had done before her. Her time at the academy was uneventful, with Chloe passing most of the coursework with distinction. Her only areas of development turned out to be around self defence and physical fitness. Both of these she passed after finding herself a tutor, Liam Jamieson. With his help she was able to graduate as valedictorian and the pair were engaged shortly after.

The marriage was short lived, the relationship strained by postings far apart with minimal time to actually be together. Liam later confessed to an affair and neither have spoken since. In Chloe's mind, however, the marriage is over although she feels it at least deserves a face to face discussion.

Professionally, Chloe served with the same distinction she showed at the academy, proving to be an invaluable member of the crew aboard the USS Orion. Impressing her commanding officers, she rose through the ranks to serve as CSO - as well as publishing research which has helped to establish her credentials within the scientific community. That was, however, until six months ago when she abruptly opted to take personal leave before returning to active duty a month ago.
Service Record USS Orion - Science Officer
USS Orion - Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Orion - Chief Science Officer

(( personal leave. Duration: 6 months ))