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Lieutenant Commander T'Lara

Name T'Lara MD

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 80

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Hair Color Black-Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description T'Lara displays the poise, posture, and ethereal beauty for which her species is known. From the south-eastern regions of Vulcan, she has coffee-toned skin and longer, wavy brown-black hair.

In her time serving with other species, she has adopted a few of their customs. Her left ear is pierced in the human fashion. She has a (hidden) tattoo as a result of a lost bet.

Due to injuries received in the life of duty, 50% of the skin on her body was re-grafted and regenerated. Both of her hands and the lower portion of her right arm have been replaced by functional bionic limbs.


Personality & Traits

Personality profile Open-minded, an active listener, and acutely aware of her surroundings, T'Lara speaks clearly and directly. While relying on logic for her decision making, she accepts and recognizes the role of emotion in other species. These traits made her an excellent clinician, and continue to serve her in command positions.

In social situations, she enjoys the company of others, but may come off as quiet and aloof due to her observational nature.

Her recovery from serious injury, while physically complete, remains a psychological liability. She does not perform surgery or any physically demanding medical tasks, nor can she rely on some of the basic Vulcan touch-telepathic techniques to aide in her diagnostic, treatment, or self-care practices.
Hobbies & Interests Horticulture. Meditation. Running.

Personal History T'Lara grew up as a ward of the Vulcan state, after her parents departed to join the V'tosh ka'tur movement. The government provided her with the best education and physical training, and growing up around a large number of Vulcan and non-Vulcan youth made her extremely comfortable with differences in personality and perspective.

She attended the Vulcan Science Academy upon coming-of-age, and continued on to its Medical Faculty. Her speciality in xeno-biology led to a series of fellowships at medical institutions throughout the quadrant. A curiosity to see the galaxy was awakened in the young physician, and she enrolled in Starfleet Academy in 2320. Following graduation, she was assigned to the Constellation-class USS Cygnus, where she served for over 20 years, rising from attending medical officer to Chief Medical Officer. She took the bridge officer's exam in 2340 and served as third watch commander twice weekly.

In 2349, the Cygnus was destroyed while defending the evacuation of a border colony. T'Lara, who was on the bridge attempting to save the life of the XO, suffered third degree burns and lost both of her hands during the final destructive volley. Forced onto an escape pod while still conscious, she was one of a handful of survivors. Her entire staff perished during the evacuation.

After major reconstructive surgeries, T'Lara returned to duty later in the year. Unsure about her medical abilities following the loss of her hands, she requested a transfer to the administrative branch of Starfleet Medical, and was instead offered an Executive Officer position on the in-construction Kepler Station. She spent the following year assigning medical staff to the station, and arrived to oversee the final construction of the medical facilities.
Service Record 2303 - 2312 Vulcan Science Academy Medical Faculty
2320 - 2324 Starfleet Academy
2324 - 2330 Attending Medical Officer, USS Cygnus
2330 - 2337 Assistant Chief Medical Officer, USS Cygnus
2337 - 2348 Chief Medical Officer, USS Cygnus
2349 - 2350 Administrative Branch, Starfleet Medical
2350 - Present Executive Officer, Kepler Station