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Petty Officer First Class Alexander Peeters

Name Alexander Peeters

Position Small Craft Pilot

Rank Petty Officer First Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 1.90m
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue-Grey
Physical Description As a decathlon athlete, Alexander is a well trained but not heavily-built. He walks with a confident step. He is a tall man and with the combination of his muscled body and his short hair, he is easily mistaken for a soldier or a brawler. A spark in his eyes and the tendency to smile betrays a calm an jovial nature though.


Spouse -
Father Joseph Peeters - retired technician
Mother Marianne Peeters - Lupine, works as an administrator at the Academy of Science on Deneb V

Personality & Traits

Personality profile Alexander is a kind and friendly man. Though me may appear to be a brawler and can look very intimidating when he wants to, he is actually a very kind man that would put himself in the line of fire for his friends and collegues.

Though the term is perhaps watered down a lot, and Alexander wasn't even born on Earth, he still likes to identify himself as a Belgian, with a kind and open attitude to strangers and a love for good food and company.

Alexander doesn't talk a lot about his family on Deneb V, preferring to regard his collegues and friends as his immediate family. The only exception is that he sometimes mentions his great-great-something-father Martin Peeters, who apparently served a starship pilot in his days.

In stressful situations Alexander has a knack for finding order in chaos and keeping his head cool, sometimes taking initiative and even command of a situation where his rank wouldn't normally allow it.

Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
-Has the strenght and endurance of an athlete
-Has a positive outlook on life
-Is open and friendly, lovesHistory to hang out in good company
-He is a skilled small craft pilot, but unexperienced as a starship helmsman.
-Has followed exstensive First Aid and Search and Rescue training
-Keeps a cool and level head in stressful situations

-Has hardly any contact with his immediate family, doesn't like talking about them
-Cannot abide bureaucracy and 'desk jockeys' and 'brass' that give orders from behind a desk a long distance away
-Cannot abide chaotic, panicky people, tends to snap at them to calm down
Hobbies & Interests Decathlon or similar athletic sports, loves to hang out with friends, good food and good drink.

Personal History Alexander wad born on Deneb V, where his father worked as a technician for a local business and his mother worked as an administrator at the Academy of Science.

While his parents were friendly, hardworking people, they had hardly any interest in what happened off-planet. Alexander on the other hand, loved to hang out with all sorts of species and loved to hear stories of what was going on in the universe.

one of his friends was Sabien Krioss, a Thanien that lived in the Thanien Community not far away. Though Alexander was older than the Thanien, the latter's shorter lifespan meant that the two were of a comparable age.
He became a dreamer that longed to get off the planet and serve in starfleet, much to the dislike of his parents.

Together, Alexander and Sabien travelled to Earth to enroll in Starfleet Academy. While Sabien was immediately accepted for that year, Alexander's scores on the admittance exams weren't high enough to make the selection. He was allowed to reapply the next year though.

The following year, Alexander stayed on Earth and focussed on studying and preparing for his next chance at admittance in the Academy. It wasn't a fun year though. During the day, Alexander took some First Aid and navigation courses and volunteered his services at a local search&rescue team. To keep up his strength and stamina, he started training for his first decathlon. While he wasn't dumb by any means, studying took up a lot of his free time and he had to miss out on a lot of social events that year. While he stayed friends with Sabien, the cadet had a very different life than Alexander and they didn't have a lot of opportunities to hang out together.

When the next opportunity came to take the Starfleet Academy admittance exams, Alexander took a few weeks leave and decided to travel around Sol to consider his options and think about what he wanted his life to be.

On the one hand he could apply to the Academy. He was pretty certain he would make the cut this year, but if he wanted to keep up with his fellow cadets, he would probably have to continue his life as he had the last year, balancing classes, sporting and studying, with hardly any time for friends and relaxation. Even after he would graduate, which could take longer than the four years it took most cadets, he would be assigned as a junior officer somewhere. Alexander feared the prospect of a desk job and even if he would end up an 'active' assignment on a starship, being a junior officer would most likely bring more limitations and bureaucracy than perks.

On the other hand, he had made some great friends at the Search and Rescue team. Apart from the team leader, none of them were highly educated people, but had earned a lot of respect through their skills and experience. Some of them had been crewmen and petty officers in starfleet and were, in their own words, 'the backbone of the fleet that kept the head out of it's ass'.
These men and women were experienced, skilled, respected and most of all had jobs that kept them active and on the frontline, rather than behind a desk, with plenty of time off-duty to spend with similar minded people.

The more Alexander thought about this, the more he preferred the latter option and chose not to apply to Starfleet Academy, but rather enter Starfleet Technical Services Academy, the training facility for the bulk of starfleet personnel. This meant that he had to move to Mars, but with Sabien entering his second year at the Academy, their lives would have been very different regardless of where Alexander would study. The two kept in touch over the next years and while they only infrequently had the opportunity to hang out together, their friendship never completely faded.

As part of his training at STSA, Alexander went through the basic courses required of all personnel and when it was time to take a specialisation he went to Flight school, where he easily earned his wings.
Aside from this he also took some advanced medical coursed to supplement his first aid skills and SAR experience.

After graduating he recieved the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class and was employed as a shuttle pilot on several postings before being reassigned to Kepler Station.
Service Record 2323 - Born on Deneb V
2341 - Failed to enroll in Starfleet Academy, joined SAR team on Earth
2342 - joined Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars, specialisations Pilot and Medical
2344 - Graduated from STSA with the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class
2344 - Shuttle pilot based on Earth
2347 - Assigned to Jupiter Station
2352 - Assigned to Kepler Station