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Lieutenant Sabien Krios

Name Sabien Krios M.D

Position General Practioner

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Thanien
Age 19

Physical Appearance

Height 192 cm
Hair Color None
Eye Color Jet Black
Physical Description Long and slender, the Thaniens are an amphibious race which developed on Lactra VII. However, the eponymous Lactrans are the apex life form on the planet. They are a non humanoid species which is highly evolved and telepathic. Classified by Starfleet to be potentially hostile and extremely dangerous, the Lactrans are a species so advanced that the Thaniens were nothing more than evolved life stock for them. A delicacy devoured on a regular basis.

They posses no hair, they have prominent gills on their neck which can also breathe on land. They have large eyes which are adapted to both underwater and out of water environments. Their scaly skin is unmistakably aquatic life form like but have a unique circulatory feature that allow them to survive extended periods on land. They prefer to however immerse themselves in water from time to time.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Unknown
Mother None
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown
Other Family 4 Children who are on Deneb V in the Thenian Commune

Personality & Traits

Personality profile Sabien Krios is a creature who was traumatized by learning his origins and the fate of his people. He is resigned to the knowledge that his species is doomed to an eternal existence of slavery and oppression and consumption by an alien species so utterly dominant and powerful that none including the Federation will interfere. He chooses to rather deal with problems in his control. Like the health of his patients.

He is a strict Vegan to the point that he would starve rather than consume any meat or egg products. Dairy he is cool with, especially Ice cream.
Strengths & Weaknesses Positives

He is a competent Doctor who has an encyclopedic knowledge of Xenobiology and Xenomedicine. He is also a fast learner and was an author on multiple articles in microbiology and biochemistry.

He is an Empath with minimal Empathic healing powers which are common in his species. While he cannot heal physical wounds and injuries, he has the ability to dull pain which occurs due to him imbibing the same into himself.

An amphibious species, Sabien is an expert in the waters. The Thaniens evolved because of their ability to hide in the vastness of the ocean on Lactra VII. The Lactran telepathic powers were limited by the depth of the oceans which allowed them some respite from the constant attacks by the proxies sent by the slug like Lactrans hunting them. Suffice to say, any excursion into an aquatic environment would be wise to include Sabien.


Physically sensitive to extremes of heat and light.

As a prey species from the Lactran homeworld, the Thaniens are naturally submissive and risk averse. Also their weaker physiques and fraility outside the aquatic environs leads them to avoid conflicts at all costs.

Personal History Sabien never knew his father or his planet. Most of his knowledge comes from those who he escaped with from his homeworld. Their escape was a perfect combination of perseverance and luck. The Xenophobic Lactrans preferred imprisoning alien species on their cities for the amusement of their people. Most of them were traders or criminals escaping the law lured in by the telepathic Lactrans. It happened that one time, an Orion slaver ship crashlanded on the planet while escaping the detection of a rival clan. Captured by the Lactrans, the pheromones of the females began to affect the Lactran physiology and sparked a conflict among the denizens of the cities. Fearing further contamination, the Lactrans hastily allowed the Orions to escape the planet with assistance from their side.

Unbeknownst to either parties, the Thaniens managed to smuggle onto the crashed ship a few fully grown adults and a large number of their spawn in specially made containers to escape the detection of the Lactrans. When they finally managed to leave their homeplanet, the adult Thaniens surrendered to the Orions. They willingly became their slaves on the condition that their elder, Kolyat be allowed to take the Thanien spawn into Federation space of which they heard from Lactrans who were impressed by the visit of the USS Enterprise.

Orions who usually double cross everyone who comes into contact with them, however took mercy and allowed their request. Dropping them on Rigel 10, the adults sought asylum in the Federation. Eager to contribute, the clutch of spawn that survived the ordeal formed the Thanien community on Deneb V. Kolyat who brought up the community is revered as their common parent as the clutch of spawn belonged to numerous Thaniens who may still exist or perished on Lactra VII.

A species with a short life span, Sabien quickly grew up and joined the Deneb school district. Soon he passed out and joined the Academy from where he graduated to become a Lieutenant. Assigned to the Talwar in the Typhon sector, the border wars forced the reassignment of several officers to the Beloti sector. With a promotion in ranks, he has been assigned to the Kepler to better utilize his experience and ability
Service Record 2332 - Kolyat's Escape from Lactra VII
2333 - Birth of the first spawn of Thenians
2335 - Joins Deneb Schooling System
2341 - Joins Starfleet Academy
2348 - Passes Medical School and joins Starfleet as a Lieutenant
2349 - Assigned to the USS Talwar NCC 1221
2350 - Assigned to the USS Solstice
2351 - Assigned to the Kepler station