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Lieutenant Junior Grade Ethryvi sh'Zirret

Name Ethryvi sh'Zirret

Position Deputy Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Species hybrid andorian/aenar
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 170 cm
Hair Color white
Eye Color grey
Physical Description Others would view Yvi as a typical andorian, muscle hidden beneath a slender physique, blue in color with grey eyes.


Spouse 3 bondmates
Children 2
Father Enirhc ch'Zirret & Ytahri th'Eron
Mother Vyttaa zh'Kiqos & Avreri sh'Giias

Personality & Traits

Personality profile Others would view Yvi as a typical andorian with a personality to match, humorless and irritable and a workaholic. Inwardly, she is all about doing her job. However with her time served off world Yvi has learned to mimic other humanoids as far as facial expressions are concerned but tends to barely show them she is as they say all about work. For those who get to know her, will learn to understand that she is very emotional but its shown in her antennae versus her face.

Stoic and largely unsentimental, she like others of her kind respect and revere family ties.

Strengths & Weaknesses +/- slightly empathic, anything she feels from others she keeps to herself as that would be an invasion of private personal affairs.
+ stronger than a human
+/-Fierce anger when it is ignited. Prefers peace and calm.
+/- served in the andorian military like others of her species
Hobbies & Interests Yvi is proficient with the Ushaan-tor and the flabnjellah and keeps them as the few few personal items she owns to use during her workouts. She continues to practice and to use training in Martial arts, and other forms of fighting styles to stay in shape and her keep her skills honed. One day Yvi would like to command her own ship.

Her personal hobbies aren't so much as a hobby like others would view it, it is something she does to pass time, when she has no work and even then it is part of her 'work'. Sculpts/paints and plays her flabbjellah. Has begun to think about learning how to play a Terran instrument but hasn't decided which one.

Personal History With her species slowing going extinct the "leaders" chose to let a select few people choose their own bondmates. Yvi was the product of one of those semi-typical group of parents. A group of four but unlike a group made of purely andorians or aenar this group was made up of a mixture of andorians and aenar.

Her parents were quite happy that she was born female and was not infertile so her species would continue through her.

Yvi learned as a child that she would have learned to fight alongside her siblings if she would have had any, instead she learned her skills from one of her parents, a military officer, and those her age when in school. As is, she was pushed a bit harder than most but learned to use traditional weapons like many others of her kind. She grew up on the stories and legends of the war-god Fierce Larashkail. Yvi wanted to be just like that fierce, brave and honorable.

However fate had a different plan for Yvi, when she was about the terran age of six or seven Yvi left the tunnels of Andor and went with one of the fathers to meet with her mother, who was one of the main contributors at an art exhibit. On the way there, the transport ship met with an accident. Yvi and her father were taken to a station for treatment and released soon afterwards.

It was at this time, Yvi first encountered people from other then andor. They piqued her curiosity because they were different then many others, as they were from all different types of species yet, they worked together in a unified manner, at least they did on the station that she had been taken too. Yvi also viewed their work habits as helpful and honorable. Yvi remembered that and it would affect her years later.

Yvi served in the military for three years, it was found that while she made a satisfactory officer and would have had a good career her interests lie elsewhere. As she was shown to have had an aptitude with science and started her studies at the andorian science academy.

As Yvi neared the age that many others, to bond, she was requested to be part of a bond group and she became a parent and has two children who are with her other bondmates.

Yvi was then released to follow her dreams and desires and went to serve off world for a while in her pursuits and studies in science and did so, at an colony outpost for a few years.

It was on this colony that she served under a federation officer, she remembered what she had seen as a child and applied to the academy at the suggestion of her superior.

After Academy graduation she was assigned to a science facility. Which ends up being attacked by the Cardassians, she and a few others found themselves on Kepler Station.

Arrives at Kepler...
Service Record Service Record
Early education on Andor
Served in the andorian military
Science University on Andor
Outpost colony
Starfleet Academy
Science position at an outpost
New Assignment/ Kepler Station